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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Awards, Awards

Back at the end of January I was honoured with blog awards from my two good friends Anne Tyler Lord and Laura Eno; profuse thanks to both of you.

I received the You Are My Sunshine Supportive Comment Award from Anne Tyler Lord. The purpose of this award is to acknowledge those who blog and spend countless hours giving other bloggers feedback by leaving comments, adding themselves as a follower or dropping by just to let you know there are people reading your stuff. Thank you, Anne!

This award goes from me to:

Anne Tyler Lord at Don't Fence Me In (yes Anne, right back atcha!)
Laura Eno at A Shift in Dimensions
JodiMacArthur at Fiction Writer - Jodie MacArthur
Laurita Miller at Brain Droppings
Amy J Taylor at Ad Astra (To the Stars)
Marisa Birns at Out of Order Alice
PJ Kaiser at Inspired by Real Life
Deanna Schrayer at The Other Side of Deanna
David Masters at Truant Pen
David Shrock at Draco Torre
Eric J. Krause at Eric J. Krause's Writing Spot
Skycycler at Skycycler And Other Stories

The Circle Of Friends Award came from Laura Eno. This award is to be passed on to five friends, so time to get my thinking cap on as it's not going to be easy limiting the list to just five. Thank you, Laura!

I'd like to pass this award on to:

Julie at Whatever
Lauren at Pennington on the Paper
Josie at The Inner Homestead
Emma Newman at Post-Apocalyptic Publishing
Caroline at Life With Siamese Cats

At the time I received the awards, preparations were well advanced for my trip to Slovakia, and to be honest, the thought of transiting through London's Stansted airport was rather weighing heavily on my mind so I didn't manage to get news of the awards posted before I left.

On my return I was both surprised and delighted to have been honoured again with the Honest Scrap Award by Anne Tyler Lord. This award requires that I share ten things about myself that you probably didn't already know. Now then, let me see...

1. My cats rule my life (OK, so that one you may have worked out already).

2. I'm fond of a good cup of coffee.

3. I once crossed the North Sea in a submarine.

4. I own more empty notebooks than I could possibly ever use (doesn't everybody?).

5. I am mobility-impaired.

6. I'm like a fine wine - I don't travel well! (see #5 above, and my posts here, here and here for details).

7. I have visited eleven countries so far in my life.

8. I have an abiding fondness for the colour green.

9. I hadn't written fiction since school before being talked into trying #fridayflsh back in November.

10. Contrary to popular belief, I do not ski (see #5 above).

I'm now passing the Honest Scrap Award along to...

Phonelady at The Older Side of Life
Karen from Mentor at Miscellaneous Yammering
Maria Protopapadaki-Smith at Mazzz In Leeds
Cascade Lily of Ten Seconds a Day
Eric C at Sircram's Blog



Josie said...

Sam, thank you so much for the Circle of Friends award, muchly appreciated, big hugs xx

You thoroughly deserve the "You Are My Sunshine" award too :-) and I liked the idea of the Honest Scrap!

Marisa Birns said...

Why, thank you so very much for the You Are My Sunshine Award, Sam! It was a lovely thing to read first thing this morning. I am honored!

Eleven countries? Wow! Just think of all the travel stories you can add to your book, heh.

And the submarine fact is very intriguing... :)

You're quite the interesting man...

Sam said...

Josie - You're most welcome, and thank you for saying I deserve the "You Are My Sunshine" award. :)

Maris Birns - It's my pleasure. Many of the countries I visited as a child on vacation, though a few memories still stand out - not sure there are enough to add to the book though.

Aha, I wondered if the submarine fact would pique anyone's interest! ;)

Josie said...

You be welcome too, and I was intrigued by the submarine fact as well - I just omitted to mention it in previous comment! Will you be writing a post about it sometime?

Laura Eno said...

Thank you for the You Are My Sunshine Award! I'm honored. :)

You have a heap of awards here and you deserve them all!

Submarine, eh? It wasn't yellow, was it?

phonelady said...

congrats congrats to you .

Sam said...

Josie - I thought the submarine fact would get people wondering. I may write about it at some point though, and not wishing to be any more intriguing, I'll have to check I'm allowed to first. ;)

Laura Eno - Thank you Laura. You most certainly deserve the award IMHO, after all, #9 in my Honest Scrap list is more or less your fault! :D

Ah, no, not yellow, more of a sneaky black sort of a colour.

phonelady - And congrats to you too, my good friend. :)

Deanna Schrayer said...

Congraulations Sam and thank you very much for the You Are My Sunshine award!
You do realize how contradictory #3 and #6 are? I would absolutely die if I had to travel in a submarine for two feet, much less across an entire ocean! The one time I got in a submarine it was at a Naval museum. Even knowing it was grounded did not calm my fears. I went into full-on panic attack mode and had to be pulled out because I was frozen to the spot, (yes, I'm claustrophic).

Yep, you'd better tell us more!

Sam said...

Deanna Schrayer - You are most welcome, and thanks for the congratulations.

Yes, I realise #3 and #6 look contradictory, in my defense, #3 took place many years ago, well before #5 took place.

Funnily enough, I felt more claustrophobic in an MRI scanner than I did on the sub, though I can appreciate how you felt; they gave me a panic button for the MRI!

Caroline said...


Thank you! I'm honoured, astonished and extremely chuffed that you included me in the 'Circle of Friends' award and in such wonderful company, too. :)

You're fabulous and as others have said, thoroughly deserve the awards you've been given.

I'd like to hear more about the submarine, too. But perhaps it is classified ...?

And after #5 above, I can now understand why the cats getting into the Christmas tree was rather a challenge.



Sam said...

Caroline - You are most welcome. :) Thank you for those kind words, I really do appreciate them.

Ah yes, the submarine. If memory serves I've never actually been asked to sign anything to that effect, though it's probably best if I have 'a quiet word' before writing about the experience - stay tuned, I'll post the story if I'm able.

Yes, #5 explains quite a few things, including why the cats run rings round me on a regular basis! ;)

ej said...

Sam, we only met online recently but what I have seen so far, you absolutely deserve your You Are My Sunshine award. Many thanks for the kind comments on my blog, and enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Sam said...

ej - Thanks for such a lovely comment, you are most kind. I should be posting more holiday stories soon.

Karen from Mentor said...

Sam thank you so much for bestowing the honest scrap award on me. I don't know how I didn't know it until three weeks later though. [naughty Karen!]

oh hey....

no nevermind...not going to go down that road.....

But I will make it up to you by telling you something that I've never told anywhere else on the web before. It will be your own exclusive piece of karenfrommentor trivia.

[time passes]

Ok...I sat here for ten minutes and can't think of anything I'll come back. I may be too much of an open book.

Oh wait....I have an inordinate fondness for unusual hosiery. Did I ever tell that before? My current favorites are chocolate brown with tiny neon green stripes. Followed closely by the black fishnet stockings that I have on right now.


Sam said...

Karen from Mentor - Bestowing the award is entirely my pleasure.

Thanks for the karenfrommentor trivia, at least I know what to buy you for Christmas now! ;)

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