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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Fabulous Flash Award

Jon Strother, founding father of FridayFlash said recently:

“I have decided to start the Fabulous Flash Award to spotlight some folks I feel deserve recognition for their, well… fabulous flash fiction.”

I am so grateful to my good friends Marisa of Out of Order Alice, Maria of Mazzz in Leeds and Joely of Between the Words who have very kindly awarded me the Fabulous Flash Award; I'm still blushing. It has been an almost impossible task for me to pick only four recipients from from the very long list of fabulous FridayFlash writers to pass the award on to. My list is at the end of this post, but first, the rules:

Fabulous Flash Award:
  1. acknowledge receiving the award in a blog post
  2. link back to the person who awarded it
  3. select four other fabulous flashers to receive the award to keep spreading the joy
  4. write one or two short lines explaining why you’ve chosen each recipient
  5. optionally (I know not everyone is on Twitter) tweet, “I just gave the Fabulous Flash Award to (name). They’re worth reading.” Include a shortened URL back to your post in the tweet.
I'd like to pass the Fabulous Flash Award on to, in no particular order:

Angie Capozello – writer of the Nox and Grimm flash fiction serial and owner of The Penny Dreadful, Angie's work is always a pleasure to read. Her Nox and Grimm stories are a particular favourite of mine, their fantasy world is incredibly rich and detailed, and Angie has a deft ability with cliffhanger endings.

Icy Sedgwick - a fellow Northener, Icy writes wonderful flash fiction stories (ask her about the parrot), the web serial “Tales from Vertigo City” and has recently begun audio podcasting her work through AudioBoo, which has the added advantage of me being able to listen to her stories in the mother tongue!

Emma Newman – a writer of sublime talent, Emma never fails to disappoint with any story of her's I've read. Her FridayFlash stories are a heady, ecclectic mix, and her Split Worlds serial is truly magical and captivating. Emma's short story club delivers a free short story to my inbox every month as well; what could be better than that?

Gracie Motley – beautifully crafted flash fiction stories that gently but inexorably draw you into their world are the hallmark of Gracie's work. She is also the writer of the on-going flash fiction fantasy serial “Fire and Water,” which is filled with dragons, shape-shifters and other magical types, and is always a pleasure to read.

Please take a minute to visit these excellent writers, you will not be dissapointed.



Anonymous said...

Aw, Sam, you're such a dear. Thanks for the award and the very kind words. I appreciate it so much. :)

And congratulations to you on your awards, too-- they're just so well deserved. The Pixies are a favorite stop of mine every week.

And congrats to Angie, Icy, and Emma, too. Great choices for the award. You beat me to it. :D

R.E. Wolf said...

Bravo, Sam - well-earned!!!

Mari said...

Awesome Sam, you certainly deserve this award! (and the double source ;)

Great pics to pass it on!

Laura Eno said...

Congrats to you and your picks! Don't let the Pixies get to your telling what they might do with it.

Icy Sedgwick said...

Aw cheers, kidda!

Mesmerix said...

Hi Sam, I'm stopping by from Tessa's "The Life Fantastic" blog-hop. Congratulations on the award and happy writing!

Scribbler to Scribe

JC Martin @ Fighter Writer said...

Hey, just hopped by your blog via the bloghop! Loving your Flash Fiction! So I thought you should have this, a blog award! You can pick it up from my site! ;)

Sam said...

Gracie - My pleasure! Thanks for those kind words about the Pixies, I'll be sure to tell them what you've said.

Ryan, Mari - Thanks, much appreciated.

Laura - Thanks, and yes, I'll make sure to put the award somewhere the Pixies can't get their grubby little paws on it!

Icy - Nee botha,kidda, it's my pleasure, like.

Mesmerix - Thanks for stopping by and nice to meet you! Thanks also for your congratulations.

JC - Thanks so much for the award, and lovely to meet you.

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