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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Deck The Halls

Thanks to the wonderfully talented Jodi Cleghorn, co-owner of eMergent Publishing, my story "Tis the Season to be Jolly" is to appear as part of Jodi's Deck The Halls Christmas literary mix tape project.

Inspired by the lyrics of that old Christmas favourite, "Deck the Halls," twenty short stories from twenty different authors will premiere, one an hour, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, beginning with the first story at 6pm GMT (10am PST) on Christmas Eve.

The story release timetable for Deck The Halls is here.

Don't panic if you can't be there for them all, the whole collection will be released as a free ebook shortly. There's also been talk of a charity paperback version to be published next year, more information as I get it...

In the meantime, Deck The Halls has a Facebook page, so sign up now and you'll get project updates as they happen.

Thanks must also go to Icy Sedgwick for producing the fabulous cover for Deck The Halls. Icy has a story in Deck The Halls too.



Susan May James said...

Can't wait!

Laurita said...

That's very cool, and what a great idea. Congrats!

Deanna Schrayer said...

Congratulations Sam! Wonderful idea too. I'll get over there soon.

Anne Tyler Lord said...

Oh my, congrats on this project!! You certainly have been busy writing since I was last here!!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

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