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Thursday, 12 May 2011

#FridayFlash: Northern Vampire Tales – The Female Of The Species...Part 2

This story is part 10 in the Northern Vampire series. It follows directly on from part 1 of the story, which I posted last week and which can be found here. I also have a blog page here that lists all my vampire stories in chronological order.


We join our hero, tied to a chair in a disused warehouse by the Tyne, being lectured by Charlene Benson. He is fairly sure a good kicking, or worse is in the offing...


Well bugger me, Geordie Benson has a big sister! I bet there's no younger siblings though, one look at Geordie as a baby would be enough to put anyone off from breeding again.

'I divvent normally get involved in stuff like this, like,' Charlene says, ' but you've cost me money, Mr Wheeler.' She lets that sink in for a bit. 'I can't say I'm too keen on that.'

It's not topping my list either.

'So what's going to happen in a minute is that Dave and Sean here are going to extract from your hide what you cost me in cold, hard cash, bonny lad.'

She seems to have got a grip on herself now. Looks like it's all business from here on in.

'And when they're finished, Mr Wheeler, I'm going to blow your knackers off,' she indicates the gun with a flourish, 'for what you did to poor Geordie over there.'

'What did I do, exactly?' I feign ignorance.

It was Marek and Piotr's bomb as I recall.

'What did you do? What did you do?!' she asks, her voice rising. 'If poor Geordie hadn't been in the bog when your bomb went off he'd be dead.' There's an edge to her voice now. 'The blast blew him into the bath and that saved his life, like, but not before it'd blown most of his face off.' She's shaking again now as she backs off a few steps.

She nods to Dave and Sean and they take a step forward.

Time to go.

I flex my wrists and ankles and the cable ties holding me to the chair snap like liquorice laces.

Ah, so that's what they were, cable ties.

I duck out of the chain and stand, just in time for the heavy to my right, Dave is it, to swing his baseball bat at my midriff. Dancing backwards over the chair at the last moment, I flick the end of the bat away as it passes. Dave is off-balance and over-extends himself in rotation, stumbling as I step in behind him and shove him forward at the same time as Sean lunges with the knife.

Sean's knife slips in under Dave's ribs with hardly a sound, just a surprised grunt from Dave as he keels over, ricochetting into his mate. Sean has his hands full of Dave and is still trying to focus on the hilt sticking out of his mate's chest as I snap out my fist and crush the cartilage in his throat. He claws at his neck and goes down gurgling, all tangled up with Dave.

I can move quite quickly when I have to.

The air parts and I feel something hot graze my cheek before the percussive shock wave and the boom of the shot reach me. In a heartbeat I'm behind Charlene, one hand on her wrist and the other wrapped tight about her neck. Behind me I can hear gurgling and quick breaths being taken.

'Didn't Geordie tell you?' I whisper, my fangs sliding into place as I relieve Charlene of the gun. Charlene goes rigid, her eyes like saucers as she cranes her neck to catch a glimpse of my face.

God, she smells good. O+ I think.

I swing her round and lob her down the factory where she lands in a winded heap a few yards away.

'Now then, Geordie, lad.' I advance on the wheelchair. 'Christ, mate, you're a bit of a sight.'

Geordie's nose is gone, and most of his eyelids too. The combination of burnt flesh and ointment is almost enough to make me gag. I mean, he was an ugly bugger to start with, but now...

'Typical of you,' I continue, 'lurking in the loo when there's work to be done. I wouldn't be surprised if you were hiding in there, cracking one off?' I poke the end of the pistol's barrel into his crotch and he whimpers.

'Shut up, Geordie.'

He tries to claw the oxygen mask from his face with hands encased in pressure dressings. The bits of his fingers I can see are livid with new scar tissue. Realising he's never going to be able to get the mask off, Geordie slumps in the chair.

'That looks sore,' I venture, then, glancing over my shoulder at Charlene who's managed to get herself into a sitting position and is gasping in great gulps of air, 'does she have to wipe your arse for you an' all, Geordie?'

I see him stiffen.

'Now then, bonny lad,' I mimic Geordie's accent for the last bit, 'I don't take too kindly to being dragged away from my evening constitutional without so much as a by-your-leave. It makes me, irritable. And when I get irritable--'

Geordie screams as I force the gun into his hand and curl his ruined fingers round the grip. He jumps when I help him pull the trigger, then lapses into soft mewling as he sees the bullet take Charlene full in the chest, crimson blossoming out over her white blouse. She grunts and slumps over.

'Canny shot!' I say by way of encouragement.

My ears are still ringing as I manoeuvre the wheelchair slowly over to the open loading dock on the eastern side of the building. Geordie's snivelling and I'm sure he thinks I'm going to tip him out of the chair into the Tyne.

'Didn't the hospital give you a pair of those dark glasses, seeing as how you can't close your eyes now?' I chuckle at the thought of Geordie all done up like Roy Orbisson. I bet he's got a crap singing voice. Geordie sobs softly and scrabbles for the top pocket of his jacket.

'Here, let me.' I reach into his pocket and pull out the glasses, theatrically fumbling them out of my grip off the edge of the loading dock. 'Oops. Butter fingers.'

I look at my watch. 'I'd better be off now,' I whisper in Geordie's ear. 'I reckon you've got an hour before the sun comes up, a couple more before it gets really painful. You might want to call someone while you can still see to dial--'

A dark stain spreads out from Geordie's lap. He understands the implication.

'Aw, Geordie, man. Have a little class, will you?'



Sonia said...

great ending! last line was funny.

Mari said...

Ow, this is taking a whole new direction! Good to see you thrive in darker places, Sam. (yup, it was an intentional pun ;P) It's fun, isn't it? Loved the last line too!

Jason Coggins said...

Alright, the mysterious disappearing Part 2 resurfaces! I thoroughly enjoy a no-holds-bar fight scene and you provided one here with ruthless abandon. Our 'hero' certainly has developed something of a sadistic streak since we first met him. Is this a direct result of his vampirism? Or maybe he's a bit more rough and tumble bad than I first believed. Anyway cool, stuff Sam. I likes it when you go all Streets on us!

Sam said...

Owing to Blogger being bust yesterday, I also posted this story over at my contingency WordPress site. Thank you so much to Helen, Icy and Far for making the trek over there to comment. I've ported your comments (and my replies) in here so everything appears as it should now that Blogger's back up and the story is in its rightful place again.

Helen: (May 13, 2011 @ 09:25:53) I loved this line “God, she smells good. O+ I think. ”
I am beginning to feel sorry for Geordie! – Great story as always look forward to next instalment.

Sam Adamson: (May 13, 2011 @ 09:56:58) Feel sorry for Geordie? Oh, if you only knew what he was really like… ;)

Icy: (May 13, 2011 @ 09:55:11) Cracking dialogue in this. Your vampire is a bit of a bastard when he loses his rag, isn’t he?

Sam Adamson: (May 13, 2011 @ 09:59:36) Cheers, kidda. Aye, you’re right, he is, but only when he’s pushed. He’s as nice as ninepence usually.

FAR: (May 13, 2011 @ 12:53:26) Seems to me that Wheeler might have done him and Geordie both a favor by dumping the crippled little bastard into the Tyne. Now he can instruct further followers to take advantage of his classic vamp weaknesses…

Sam Adamson: (May 13, 2011 @ 14:22:26) Ah, that’s if the police don’t bang him up for killing Charlene. I suspect Wheeler’s hoping he’ll suffer more in prison.

Sam said...

Sonia: I'm pleased you enjoyed it, thanks for your comment!

Mari: Yes, I thought it was about time this tale became a little darker. Just wait till he really gets going... ;)

Jason: Yup, back in its rightful place at last. Apologies for the problems you had trying to read the story yesterday, all due to a Blogger maintenance problem apparently.

I really ought to write up Geordie's background sometime, it might put our 'hero's' actions into perspective. Oh yes, my vampire definitely has a dark side, his father's beatings saw to that.

I'm really pleased you enjoyed this episode.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but this is good Sam; i was really there in that warehouse. This is a great vampire series and I'm really enjoying it. Sadistic rules!

John Wiswell said...

Kind of a vicious sucker, this one. Not surprised a vamp would think of people in terms of bloodtypes.

Julie Lewthwaite said...

Ha ha - brilliant! :) This is such a good series - dark, funny and wildly entertaining. Love it!

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