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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Mail Call! #2

More nice things have arrived through the mail - the pen/notebook love just keeps coming!

First, there's this pen which I won three weeks ago in the giveaway over at Pens And Pencils.

It's a Pentel Energel and, whilst these pens are available over here in the UK, I've never come across one with a needle tip before. Thanks Geezer, it's great!

Then there was a lovely package from Karen at Exaclair - I'd put my name down for a sample of J. Herbin ink at Quo Vadis Blog's Bastille Day Offer, and was equally surprised and shocked (in a good way!) when my bottle of Bleu Nuit arrived so quickly; only three days from the US to me here.

Also in the package was a J. Herbin ink colour chart, one of the new 90gsm Rhodia Webnotebooks and a mini Clairefontaine Basics notebook with a black cover, also with 90gsm paper.

Karen, I thank you for your generosity.

Full reviews of all the above to follow when I have a moment.



phonelady said...

wow how nice looks like you had quite the haul . I would love to be so lucky . Woo -hoo !!! such foo-fa-lah !!!

Sam said...

Thanks! Yes, it was a good week mail-wise. There's more to come as I have a couple more inbound packages to look forward to. :)

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