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Friday, 24 July 2009

Mail Call!

It's been quite a week over here at Pen-thusiast Towers, and not just because it's the first week of school's summer vacation, I've had a couple of lovely postcards in the mail.

The first is from my good friend PostMuse as part of her Orphaned Postcard Project which I am honoured to be helping with in my own small way. You can find further details of this wonderful project over at PostMuse's blog here.

This is a really great card which shows off my general neck of the woods. I just need to write a message, stick a stamp on and pop it back in the post. She also sent me a really lovely note and another postcard showing off her skills with her new fountain pen.

I love this card, but would just like to mention I don't usually have that effect on children!

Then there's this great card, it's from my good friend Okami who blogs about fountain pens, Postcrossing, and Akitas among other things over at her blog Whatever.

It's the only Rolls Royce this pen-thusiast is ever likely to own, and I thank her for it - at least now I can legitimately say I have a Rolls Royce; right?



Okami said...

Glad you like the Rolls! It's worth a mint LOL :-)

Sam said...

Just need to get me some car insurance and I'll be drivin' it (in my mind)! ;)

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