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Monday, 11 January 2010

#FridayFlash 2009 Reader's Choice Award

I feel both honoured and humbled to have had my #fridayflash story "First Foot" nominated for the #FridayFlash 2009 Reader's Choice Award over at Mad Utopia. To be honest, it hasn't really sunk in yet!

In November, J. M. Strother, the originator of the #fridayflash project, proposed an Anthology to mark the six month anniversary of the #fridayflash project, part of which would include a Reader's Choice Award for stories nominated and voted for by the #fridayflash readership.

#FridayFlash is a relatively new venture for me, my first story was submitted in November following encouragement (some would say cajolement!) from some very supportive authors and fellow #fridayflash writers I follow on Twitter; you know who you are! The story seemed to be well received so I figured I may as well have another go and, five stories and two poems later I'm hooked!

My nominated story "First Foot" was born out of a desire to write something based around the custom of first-footing to tie in with New Year, though it didn't start out as a vampire story. In fact I'm not entirely sure where it came from at all. I had a few vague ideas, sat down to write and the next thing I knew there was a vampire running around the place. It was as though this character really wanted to have his story told and wrote it for me. Since posting I have had some wonderful feedback for which I am very grateful, and a number of suggestions that I use this story as the basis for a novel. Now then, that's a thought!

Anyway, as my story "First Foot" has been kindly nominated for the 2009 Reader's Choice Award and the polls are now open over at Mad Utopia, I'll not keep you any longer. If you happen to be passing and...ya know...would like to vote for "First Foot"...I would very much appreciate your support.

Please go here to vote and to check out the nominated stories, including "First Foot." Don't forget to read the other great stories which were nominated.

Oh, and take a cup of your favourite hot beverage with you. You’ll want to relax and enjoy the stories.



Marisa Birns said...

Done! And done! *wink*

Anne Tyler Lord said...

Yes, and Yes! Well-written and I send you more congrats!

You know there is some magic in a story when characters come in on their own and want their stories to be told. Go for the novel!

Laura Eno said...

You are much too modest about your writing. :)
Have my cup of tea all ready to go read the wonderful choices again!

Erin Cole said...

It was a great read. Congrats!

phonelady said...

Oh yes my dear friend across the pond congrats to you and yours.

Sam said...

Marisa, Anne, Laura, Erin, phonelady, thanks so much for all your support. It means a lot to me.

Now, you did all vote, didn't you?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Sam! The nomination is well deserved. I'll head on over and cast my vote without delay.

♥ Ash

Sam said...

arcadianpoet - Thanks Ash, much appreciated. :) Hope you enjoyed the other stories too.

Anonymous said...

It's a very well deserved nomination and it'd better damn well win ;-) Love the way you describe the process of the writing. It shows what can happen when you sit down and do something for the love of doing it.

Sam said...

Josie - Thanks. To quote Francis Urquhart (Ian Richardson) from the 1990's drama 'House of Cards,' "You may think that, I couldn't possibly comment." ;)

It's strange feeling mind you, when you sit down to write something and the characters take over and write something entirely different. I did love writing it though.

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