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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Review: USUS Pi ballpoint

A while ago, my good friends over at Cult Pens were kind enough to send me a USUS Pi ballpoint to review. The Pi is available on their site here.

Out of the box it certainly is a stylish looking pen, and I really like the bronze-brown barrel colour (tagged as 'Brasil' on the box).

The Pi is a comfortable hand fit and the supplied refill writes well enough for a ballpoint. I have noticed a little skipping here and there, but not enough to put me off using it.

Stylistically, I am impressed with this pen's clean lines, the chromed clip and I really do rather like the toggle switch arrangement for extending the tip. Occasionally I find the switch does retract the tip if I'm being a bit heavy-handed when dotting my i's, other than that it's a great pen.

At a Glance:

Model: Pi by USUS of Germany
Colour: Brasil (brown), Pacific (blue), Polar (grey)
Refill: standard Parker-style ballpoint refill, black supplied.
Available from: CultPens in the UK
Price: £33.62 CultPens price
Overall: 4 out of 5

The paper used for this review is a Whitelines sample. Whitelines notebooks are available in the UK from Papernation.



phonelady said...

Happy New Year to my friend across the pond . Thanks for the pen review definately one I would write with . Thanks for sharing and posting .

Sam said...

phonelady - And to you - Happy New Year!! Yes, it is quite a nice pen, and that coming from someone who doesn't use ballpoints that much; I like this one though.

Jodi MacArthur said...

It's so cool you review pens. I have a huge pen fetish. Unfortunetly, I lose them as fast as I purchase. ;D What is your favorite brand?

Sam said...

Jodi - I review notebooks and other interesting stationery items too! Favourite pen brand...oh, that's a tough question...probably UniBall for non-fountain pen pens, my absolute favourite is their MF3 Multipen (JetPens stocks it) - black & red gel pens + 0.5 mech pencil all in the one pen; and it has an eraser!

For fountainpens, I love the Hero 329, and I'm quite partial to a vintage Parker 51 or Waterman W5 too.

Does that help?

I've reviewed some of the above already, if you hit the "review" tag in my tag cloud that should give you a list of my pen related reviews. :)

Julie (Okami) said...

Great review of an interesting pen, it looks like it is VERY slim.

Sam said...

Julie (Okami) - Yes, it is! The barrel's approximately 9mm in diameter. Pleasant enough to hold, any slimmer and I think it would become uncomfortable after a while.

Anonymous said...

Great review! I am really interested in writing with some different pens..broaden my horizon so to speak!

Sam said...

notebooks and bags - Thanks! If you're looking for a straightforward ballpoint with clean lines that's just ever so slightly quirky, then I'm sure you'll enjoy using the USUS Pi.

I'd be interested to hear what you think if you manage to get hold of one. Sorry, I'm not sure about US stockists for this pen yet; I'll update the review if I find one.

John Johnston said...

That is a very handsome pen! I love the color and the overall "look" - it has a bit of a retro industrial vibe. Though I'm not a fan of ball point pens, I might have to make an exception for this.

Sam said...

John Johnston - Thanks for your comment and yes, I agree, the Pi is rather nice. I'm not a great fan of ballpoints either, but I did like the toggle switch arrangement. It's a great colour, I don't think my pics really do it justice.

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