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Friday, 12 June 2009

Good Pens May Giveaway

Back in May I entered the giveaway over at Good Pens, and it must have been something I said, because I won a prize for making Seth laugh; well, actually No. 4 Cat won a prize, but as she can't write I claimed it on her behalf.

The prize arrived yesterday (thanks Seth) and here it is:

A bottle of J Herbin Eclat de Saphir fountain pen ink; how did Seth know Herbin is my favourite brand of ink? Hang on a minute, there's something else in the box...

Oh I say! A Sharpie pen in black. Excellent! I've seen these online, but can't seem to find one for love nor money in the UK yet. Needless to say, my darling daughter spotted the Sharpie and was mightily unimpressed with me as I smiled sweetly and popped it back in the box for safe keeping; if she thinks I'm letting her ha
ve it...



Seth said...

Nice post!

Sam said...

Thanks Seth. I've still got to get around to reviewing the ink and the Sharpie pen - real life keeps getting in the way!

Thanks again for running the giveaway. :)

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