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Friday, 26 June 2009

A Quart Into A Pint Pot

No. 4 Cat's been at it again! This happened this morning and I couldn't resist posting. You see, my darling daughter brought this box home yesterday for No. 4 Cat to shred, but No. 4 Cat's cannier than that.

She took one look at the box and, after giving it a good sniff, climbed aboard; it was like watching a contortionist as round and round she went, ever so slowly getting more and more of herself into the box. I have never before seen so much cat go into such a small space.

Just so you know, the box is 9" x 8" and around 3" deep and No. 4 Cat is...err...hang on, I'll measure her...

Ouch...hold, come here...Oh, you...Ow, get your claws out of my arm...for goodness's only a ruler...Ah, there we, we're not...why, I oughta...will you please stop wriggling...there...finally...gotcha!

Ahem! *cough* No. 4 Cat is about 15" long from the tip of her nose to the base of her tail, which adds another 12" for a total length of 27" (all cat measurements are approximate!). Not huge, but neither's the box. And she's apparently not keen on rulers!

Band-Aid anyone?


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