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Disclaimer: the views expressed by the characters in these works may not necessarily represent the views of the author. Got that? Good.

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Sam Adamson is the pen name of a writer, blogger and fountain pen enthusiast. When not writing or enjoying a good cup of coffee, Sam is engaged in a relentless hunt for the perfect writer’s notebook and pen combination. He lives in England with his family and is owned by two demented cats.

Creative writing was the only thing Sam enjoyed at school, it was the only thing he was any good at, which helped.  After completing his education, Sam didn't write for years until a chance conversation on Twitter convinced him to pick up his pen again; some people have a lot to answer for!

Since then his brain has played host to pixies, vampires, serial killers and a host of other weird and wonderful characters, some of whom have yet to find themselves in print.  At least that's Sam's story and he's sticking to it.

His stories have appeared in the Best of Friday Flash vol1, Literary Mixtapes: Deck the Halls and (Nothing But) Flowers anthologies and in 100 Stories for Queensland, a charity anthology in aid of those affected by the Queensland (Australia) floods of 2011.  You can also find Sam's flash fiction serial, the UCF Stories, is published over at The Penny Dreadful.

Sam posts flash fiction stories here at Future; Nostalgic most Fridays; he'd probably post more often if he wasn't hanging around on Twitter the rest of the time.  You can catch Sam on Twitter as @FutureNostalgic and on Facebook at his author page.

Sam's other interests include: Pens/pencils & stationery, Hârn - the role-playing game, Herbal medicine, Medieval Britain and Cats...there has to be cats, right?

Update: As of 16th May, 2011, Sam no longer has any involvement with Splintered Lands.  His original creations, the Dragons of the Shelvasha Mountains and Knights Of The Broken Wheel (KOTBW), both of which are copyright Sam Adamson, may still be viewed at the Splintered Lands site. If you happen to visit the site and find Sam's byline missing from either page, please advise him of that fact, thank you.

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