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Flash Fiction Serial: The UCF Stories

The UCF Stories is an on-going Flash fiction serial written by Sam Adamson and concerns the antics of Twinkle the fairy, Swazzle and Pogmorton the Pixies, Botchett the Gnome and the staff and owner of Goddess Rising, an esoteric bookshop in a northern town in the United Kingdom.

The UCF Stories serial is updated on a Friday as part of #FridayFlash, and can also be found over at The Penny Dreadful.

To read from the beginning, please follow the links below to the individual episodes:

Episode 1: Messrs Swazzle, Pogmorton and the UCF
Episode 2: A Midnight Meeting
Episode 3: The Package
Episode 4: The Boys Are Back In Town
Episode 5: A Mirror Cracked
Episode 6: Goddess Rising
Episode 7: Black Crocus
Episode 8: Hangman's Passage
Episode 9: Something Slithering This Way Comes
Episode 10: Professional Services
Episode 11: Walk Softly And Carry A Long Glove
Episode 12: Early Morning Call
Episode 13: Wyrm Hunting
Episode 14: The Trap is Sprung
Episode 15: Repercussions
Episode 16: The Tome of Levelling (Part 1) 
Episode 17: The Tome of Levelling (Part 2) 
Episode 18: Aftermath
Episode 19: Vincent
Episode 20: Lady Mandrake
Episode 21: An Audience With Lady Mandrake
Episode 22: Infiltration
Episode 23: Rushalka
Episode 24: Dragonrise
Episode 25: Escape And Banishment
Episode 26: An Unwelcome Guest 
Episode 27: Questions, Questions
Episode 28: The Amulet, The Wtich And The Womb
Episode 29: Resurrection
Episode 30: The Bishop of Rosedene 
Episode 31: Infestation
Episode 32: Extraction
Episode 33: Of Draigs and Gnomish Builders
Episode 34: Twinkle In the Pixies' Den
Episode 35: The Key To It All
Episode 36: Reconstruction

Botchett And The Lambton Worm, A True Story

I hope you enjoy the UCF Stories.  Don't forget to check out the other great stories posted on a Friday as part of #FridayFlash - go here to read the current week's stories.  You can also follow the #FridayFlash hashtag on Twitter, or join the #FridayFlash group on Facebook.

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