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The Great Chocolate Conspiracy Blog Tour

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Welcome to "The Great Chocolate Conspiracy feat. Det Sam Adamson" Flash Fiction Blog Tour.

There's not a Chocolate Digestive to be had for love nor money anywhere on the east coast of the USA, and now the mysterious shortage has spread across the Atlantic to London. Can the Metropolitan Police's Detective Chief Inspector Sam Adamson and his crack international team of investigators get to the bottom of the disappearances before rioting breaks out among chocolate biscuit lovers on two contintents?

A chance remark about confectionery by Monica Marier (@lil_monmon) to Sam Adamson (@FutureNostalgic) on Twitter a few weeks ago lead to one of those wonderful Twitter conversations from which brilliant ideas emerge. Within moments, other writers got involved and "The Great Chocolate Conspiracy feat. Det Sam Adamson" Flash Ficition Blog Tour was born...

So, what exactly is the story, and how does the Blog Tour work?

The Great Chocolate Conspiracy is a multi-part linked Flash Fiction story, the first episode of which debuts right here at Future; Nostalgic on Friday, September 3rd as part of the #FridayFlash movement.

Subsequent episodes will appear, one per week, on consecutive Fridays at their respective author's blogs with links to the preceding episode and the blog of the author writing the next episode.  At whatever point they join the story, readers  can easily navigate onwards, or back to the beginning, as well as meeting some great writers and their blogs.

In case you were wondering, each episode of the Blog Tour has the standard Flash Fiction word count limit of 1000 words or less.

Writers signed up so far, along with their Twitter handles are, in order:

      Update: Friday, 3rd December 2010:  Following the Twitter chat at The Penny Dreadful yesterday, a transcript is available here.  Check it out for our thoughts about The Great Chocolate Conspiracy, and for news of what we're planning to do next.

      We have hashtag! Yes, that's right folks, to keep abreast of the latest developments, make sure you follow the #GtChocCo hashtag on Twitter.

      By the way, this is the first time I've done anything like this, so if I've forgotten to include something on this page, or you have any questions or require clarification, please get in touch through the Contact Form. Thanks.

      Now, where did I put that last packet of chocolate digestives...

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