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Monday, 29 June 2009

Sno!Zone Bargain

This sort of thing just doesn't happen to me; usually!

I spent yesterday with my family at Sno!Zone Castleford, the indoor snow dome near Leeds, for a day's ski training; my darling daughter's a competitive ski racer, but that's another story.

Needless to say I wasn't to be seen on the slopes, instead I went for a stroll round the shops and, having looked at the overpriced ski gear my darling daughter would inevitably be pestering me about later, I was feeling a bit faint and wandered into the newsagent's shop for a little sugary goodness to make me feel better when what did I spy tucked away in the corner of the shop...

Giggling like a schoolgirl I paid for my purchase and hot-footed it outside to examine the contents over my first ever Starbucks coffee (yes folks, this pen-thusiast is no longer a Starbucks virgin!). Still giggling quietly to myself I was getting funny looks from the baristas as I upended the tub all over the table and whiled away a good few minutes sorting through the pile; I may have muttered 'my precious' once or twice, but will deny it if asked!

Here's what I bagged:

2 x VR Ball 0.5 (red)
2 x VR Ball 0.7 (black)
2 x VR Ball 0.7 (blue)
2 x Hi-Techpoint VR5 extra-fine (blue)
2 x Hi-Techpoint VR5 fine (black)
2 x H-325 0.5 mechanical pencil
2 x cream-bodied rollerballs labelled 'PILOT Gel Ink' (with black G2 refills)
1 x Frixion light erasable highlighter (yellow)
1 x Frixion light erasable highlighter (pink)
2 x PermaBall broad (black)
2 x G-Tecmatic 0.7 (red)
2 x G-Tecmatic 0.7 (black)
2 x G-Tecmatic 0.7 (blue)

All for the miserly sum of £4.99 (approx $8.25 US).

The only ones that are causing me any trouble are the two cream-bodied gel ink pens as I haven't been able to track down what model they are. All I can tell you is they use the ubiquitous Pilot G2 refill and seem to be styled after the Parker Vector rollerball c1995, though the clip remind me of the one on my childhood Sheaffer fountain pen. Any ideas?

I'll post a more in-depth review of some of these pens once I've had time to try them out.

[edit: thanks to my good friend Nrepose I now know the cream-coloured rollerballs are discontinued Pilot Execugels]



Lisa said...

I am a little obsessive about what kind of pens I use and one rule is it's almost always purple ink!

Sam said...

No purple in this set unfortunately as I'm quite partial to purple pens too; there are a few in the collection.

Jodi MacArthur said...


Sam said...

Thanks Jodie. Yes, it was rather a nice set to pick up, especially at that price. :)

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